Officers & Directors for 2015-2016

Meredith A. Bonn
Court-Reporting School:
After graduating Bishop Kearney High School in 1988 I attended Alfred State College and graduated with an Associate's Degree in Applied Science after fulfilling all of the requirements for Court Reporting in 1990.
Work History:
After graduation I was a independent contractor mainly with the freelance firm Computer Reporting Service. I worked in freelance for 9 and a half years before being canvassed by the New York State Court System. I was hired as a permanent Official Reporter in Monroe County Family Court and Rochester City Court in 2000. In 2007 I was promoted to Monroe County & Supreme Court where I work today as a Senior Court Reporter. I currently have 24 years experience as a reporter.
I currently maintain memberships with the National Court Reporter's Association and the New York State Court Reporter's Association. I served as a NYSCRA Board Member from October, 2012 to October, 2014 when I was elected Vice President. I am an occasional member of StenoCat's users group.
I currently hold the certifications Certified Shorthand Reporter, Registered Professional Reporter and the New York State Realtime Court Reporter.
Nancy Silberger

Nancy started her career as a Court Reporter after graduating Adelphi Business School in 1979 with an Associates Degree.

After graduation, she worked as a freelance reporter until 2008 when she passed the Lower Criminal Court exam and was appointed as an Official Court Reporter to Queens Criminal Court. Nancy worked in Criminal Court from 2008 until 2015.

In 2010, Nancy took the Supreme Court promotional exam, passed it and was promoted to Brooklyn Supreme Court in September 2015, where she continues to work in her role as a Senior Court Reporter.

Throughout her career, Nancy has always been involved in various aspects of the court reporting field by attending national conventions, attending our state conventions, keeping abreast of advances in court reporting, including teaching herself realtime, along with other projects such has traveling to Albany numerous times to lobby against Electronic Recordings in the Courtroom.

While in Queens Criminal Court, she was successful in having electronic recorders removed from a courtroom in which hearings were held. In 2012, Nancy also became more involved in the New York State Court Reporters Association, and in 2014, was invited to be a Board Member and then in May 2015, was elected President-Elect.

Nancy continues her activities and projects with the NYSCRA, as well as being an active member in the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA.)

Adam Alweis
Adam H. Alweis, RPR, has been working as a Court Reporter for over 28 years, 22 years as an Official.
Growing up in a court reporting family, his father, 2 uncles, 1 aunt, 1 brother, Adam started Alfred State College in 1986. Following completion of the Court Reporting program in 1988, Adam began working in the freelance arena for his family’s firm, Machine Shorthand, in Syracuse, New York. Over the next few years, his freelance reporting career took him through the cities of Syracuse, Rochester, and West Palm Beach, Florida.
After successfully passing the New York State Lower Court examination, Adam became an Official Court Reporter and started working with the Court System in December, 1993 in Watertown, New York in the Family, Lower Criminal and Supreme Courts, and traveled through the various counties in the Fifth Judicial District.
In 1995, after passing the Supreme Court examination, he was appointed to the position of Senior Court Reporter and transferred to the Bronx Supreme Court where he remained until the end of 1998, and then laterally transferred into Manhattan, first working at 100/111 Centre Street in the Supreme Court Criminal Division and then on to 60 Centre Street in the Supreme Court Civil Division.
In July, 2007, he was approached and offered the opportunity to return back to his hometown in Syracuse, New York, where he continues to work in the Supreme and County Courts in the Fifth Judicial District.
Adam has been a member of both the New York State Court Reporters Association (NYSCRA) and the National Court Reporters Assocation  (NCRA) since 1988,  has been a member of the NYSCRA’s Board of Directors for numerous years, has been a part of, worked on and chaired various committees, written various articles for both NYSCRA and the Association of Surrogate’s and Supreme Court Reporters within the City of New York (ASSCR).
Over the years, he has maintained a network of contacts across the State and has coordinated the flow of various information in conjunction with NYSCRA and ASSCR to all parts of New York State in addressing court reporting issues both in the official and freelance arenas.
Adam has been a mentor for the NCRA Mentoring Program, attended the NCRA Legislative Boot Camp, spoken to court reporting students, been to numerous NCRA and NYSCRA conventions, attended various political functions, drafted proposals for NYSCRA and ASSCR, created the NYSCRA Facebook page, and most recently, presented and demonstrated wireless real-time at a press conference in Syracuse regarding state legislation for the implementation of a newly passed C.A.R.T (Computer Aided Real-Time Translation) law, which was signed in 2015.
Adam has also been a member of the Syracuse Jewish Federation’s Board of Directors since 2013 and its Community Relations Committee since 2007.
When he’s not working, Adam enjoys spending time with his family, writing, reading a good book, watching and attending movies, sporting events, music, and even a good road trip.
Jean H. Beskin
Jean H. Beskin has enjoyed a thirty-year court reporting career, and for the past three years is retired from her full-time position as an Official Court Reporter with the NYS Unified Court System.
After graduating from Long Island Business Institute in June 1981, Jean began working as a free-lance reporter and a per-diem Grand Jury Reporter for the Suffolk County Grand Jury. Four years later in 1985 she took a full-time position as a Hearing Reporter (now Verbatim Reporter) with the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board where she worked for 13 years and in her last year there was supervisor of 25 Hearing Reporters. Jean then worked for the NYS Unified Court System first as an Official Court Reporter with the First District Court of Nassau County from 1998 to 2007 and then with the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Queens, from 2007 to 2010.
Jean has been a member of the National Court Reporters Association since 1981 and the New York State Court Reporters Association, Inc., since 1987.
In 1998 Jean became a member of the Board of Directors of the New York State Court Reporters Association and shortly thereafter was elected Secretary/Treasurer, a position in which she served for six years. Following that she served as Vice President for two years and then as President for two years. Presently she is serving as Secretary/Treasurer.
During her tenure with the NYS Court Reporters Association Jean has and continues to work tirelessly to challenge the use of electronic recording and to promote the value of a professional court reporter to protect and preserve the integrity of the record.
Jean resides in Bay Shore with her husband, Ken. Her daughter, Karen, her son-in-law, Christian, and her two grandchildren, Caeli and Patrick, live nearby and Jean enjoys helping her grandchildren get ready for school each morning. She also enjoys volunteering at her church as the coordinator of the Parish Liturgical Ministries, as a cantor, and as a teacher of Religious Education.
Dominick M. Tursi
Dom has been a federal court reporter in the busy Eastern District of New York (at Central Islip, Long Island) since 1997. This followed 15 years as a freelance reporter and principal, during which time he had offices on both coasts of the United States, in Hong Kong, and in London. For the preceding 20 years, he was an official reporter in the New York State Supreme Court.
Dom has reported assignments from Southeast Asia to Cairo, and was one of the first reporters to internationally telecommunicate steno, delivering 36 running days of daily copy in Hong Kong with no onsite assist – in 1988!
Founder, director, and instructor at the Verbatim School of Court Reporting for more than a decade, today he sits on the court reporting advisory board of a local court reporting institution. He was one of the first East Coast reporters ever to use a computer for transcription, and wrote realtime as early as 1985.
Dom has served as an expert witness to reporting groups and law firms, has been a computer consultant to several companies, and was part of Stenograph’s CaseCATalyst and CaseView development teams.
He lectures extensively, speaking to nearly 50 elementary & high school classes - plus law school groups - each year. He delivers his message about our professional heritage to reporting associations throughout the US, presents to law firms, reporting schools, and peers, and has authored numerous monographs.
In June of 2007, on behalf of 40 American delegates, Dom delivered the primary address to the historic joint conference of United States and Chinese reporters in Beijing, China.
His reporting credentials include being three-time NYS Shorthand Speed Contest Champion (Perfect Paper, 280 wpm Q&A), and World Shorthand Speed Champion (300 wpm Q&A, 5 minutes, 24 errors) in 1981 – a record which still stands.

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