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Certified New York Realtime Court Reporters
Congratulations to the following NYSCRA members who have earned the New York Realtime Court Reporter (NYRCR) certification since its October 2013 inception:

Elizabeth A. Black, CSR, RMR, CRR, NYRCR
Meredith A. Bonn, CSR, RPR, NYRCR
Molly Chimino, NYACR, NYRCR
Francesca Cioffi, RPR, CM, CSR, NYRCR, NYACR
Michael D. DeVito, CSR, RPR, CRR, NYRCR
Donna Evans, NYRCR
Toni Ann Figueroa, NYRCR
Suzanne M. Gillson, CSR, RMR, NYRCR
Mirabai Knight, NYRCR
Ashley M. Knights, RPR, NYRCR
Sharon Lengel, NYRCR
Debra A. Levinson, CSR, RMR, CRR, CMRs, NYRCR
Kerry A. Meegan, RPR, CRR, CSR, NYRCR
Vincent J. Palombo, RMR, CRR, NYRCR
Marita Petrera, RPR, CRR, NYRCR
Pamela Palomeque, RPR, CRR, NYRCR
Bonnie Piccirillo, NYRCR, NYACR
Ashley Principe, RPR, RMR, NYRCR
Rachel Simone, NYRCR
Amanda Thelema, RPR, NYRCR
Terry-Ann Volberg, NYRCR
Francesca Cioffi, RPR, CM, CSR, NYRCR

Certified New York Association Certified Reporters
Congratulations to the following NYSCRA members who have earned the New York Association Certified Reporter certification since its May 2015 inception:

Chris Shin, NYACR
Ingrid Andersen, NYACR
Karen Bianchi, NYACR
Kathy Smith, NYACR
Diana Smith, NYACR
Molly Chimino, NYACR, NYRCR
Marisa Nold, NYACR
Ashley Kleinschmidt, NYACR, NYRCR
Melissa Lindholm, NYRCR, NYACR
Kelly Coccho, NYRCR
Gabrielle Cardelli, NYACR
Elizabeth Brucie, NYACR, RCR
Julie A. Wick, NYSACR
Francesca Cioffi, RPR, CM, CSR, NYRCR, NYACR
Noah Collin, NYACR
Mary Agnes Drury, RPR, NYACR
Bonnie Piccirillo, NYRCR, NYACR
Diane V. Salters, RPR, NYACR


Welcome to the New York State Court Reporters Association (NYSCRA) website. 



In Recognition of Court Reporting and Captioning Week Please Join NYSCRA Voluntary Certification Testing Committee Co-Chairs Debra A. Levinson and Joshua B. Edwards for a Preview of Our New Online Realtine Development Workshops Launching Spring 2020 


We will cover the fundamentals of:

  • Realtime writing
  • Dictionary elements
  • Realtime connection technology
  • Evidence-based techniques to overcome test-taking anxiety

Members and nonmembers are invited.  There is no cost to attend.  Three sessions are being offered:

Sunday, February 9th
280 Madison Avenue, New York City
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (seating limited)
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (seating limited)

Saturday, February 15th
New York School of Court Reporting
34 South Broadway, White Plains
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 



Light refreshments will be provided.  You DO NOT need to bring your equipment.  RSVP Required by Friday, January 31, 2020.
The events will also be livestreamed on Zoom (also requires RSVP)

Questions?  Contact NYSCRA President Joshua Edwards


NYSCRA 2020 Membership Renewals have been sent.

You can renew by going online using the link below, by calling 856-283-7816 or by completing the paper renewal form and either faxing or mailing it to the NYSCRA headquarters.

We hope that you will take the time to renew your membership and remain part of our community. It couldn't be easier - CLICK HERE TO RENEW THROUGH THE ONLINE RENEWAL FORM.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PAPER RENEWAL FORM (paying by mail or faxing the information in)

Both the online renewal form and the paper renewal form allow you to make contributions to both the Special Fund and the Horizon Scholarship Fund.



As President of NYSCRA, I welcome you to our website and invite you to explore all that the Association offers.

Now is an excellent time for you to get involved with NYSCRA.  You can join a committee, offer suggestions of what you, as a member, would like your Association to address or let us know who/what you might like to see at an upcoming convention.  We also need committed mentors to help students as they prepare to graduate. 

And if you are not yet a member, consider joining us.  We have several membership categories and we can only be strong if we have the involvement of people like you who care about the field. 

Joshua B. Edwards, President



NYSCRA is pleased to announce that the New York State Unified Court System will now recognize our voluntary certifications, the RCR and ACR, for provisional employment.  Our ACR and RCR members are immediately eligible to earn above-average salaries and receive both medical and vacation benefits.

Voluntary Certification Committee Chair, Debra A. Levinson, CSR-RMR-CRR-RCR, worked closely with OCA to encourage them to recognize NYSCRA’s certifications.  This means that members who hold the RCR or ACR certifications are not required to take an assessment test for an available position.  

We anticipate many reporters registering for our association’s voluntary exams. “Having that ACR or RCR is now like an insurance policy. You never know when the need for an employment change may present itself, and the NYS court system offers a really excellent package,” said Debra A. Levinson.

 NYSCRA Mentorship Program

NYSCRA is happy to reinstate its mentoring program, matching working reporters with students in the court reporting schools.  If you'd be interested in helping these future reporters by mentoring them and providing tips and encouragement, please contact me at   



A vibrant website is the contemporary gateway to a robust organization. The financial assistance of these contributors has enabled the 2015 creation of this modern, informative, and helpful face of the association. The Officers and Board of NYSCRA are forever grateful to these generous supporters:
Kathleen Arent-Burdzy, Jean H. Beskin, Harriet Brenner-Gettleman, Annette Forbes, Anthony D. Frisolone, Lori L. Strong, Dominick M. Tursi, Stephen A. Zinone,


Contact NYSCRA
P: 856-283-7816
F: 856-210-1619
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